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  • QuickShift  v.1.1QuickShift is a hotkey utility for moving windows around on multiple monitor systems, without any fluffy extras like additional taskbars or extra mouse-centric buttons on every window. It enables you to keep your hands on your keyboard by setting ...
  • Dual Monitor Tools  v.1.7Dual Monitor Tools is a set of easy to use tools for designed to help you with dual or multiple monitor setups. The offered tools include: Swap Screen that offers hotkeys for performing common operations on the windows on your monitors. This ...
  • MurgeeMon  v.1.3Dual Display / Multiple Monitor Software Utility to Change Monitor or Desktop Background. Control Power State of Secondary Monitor or all Monitors / Displays connected to a Computer. Change Display Properties easily and quickly. Download and try the ...
  • Desktop Wallpaper Tool  v.1.3The simple way to customize your multi-monitor desktop wallpaper! As desktop sizes increase with multiple monitor systems, the Desktop Wallpaper Tool can be used to configure the background wallpaper to show any combination of images, resized, ...
  • ChangeDisplaySettings  v.1.02ChangeDisplaySettings.exe is a utility for running applications in a multiple monitor environment, making it possible to run DirectX fullscreen applications on any screen, blanking unused displays, hiding the takbar plus support for Media Portal and ...
  • Actual Multiple Monitors  v.5.1Actual Multiple Monitors clones the Windows Taskbar, Start button, system tray and the Alt-Tab Task Switcher on secondary monitors, and also offers new multi-monitor window management services, such as switching windows between monitors in a flash.
  • REFOG Personal Monitor  v. Personal Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool that logs keystrokes, takes screenshots, saves program activity and Clipboard content, and keeps an eye on your Instant Messaging sessions.
  • PowerViewer  v.3.1PowerViewer enhances Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer and provides the following slide show features in a machine supporting multi-monitor configuration: 1.
  • UltWin  v.1.01.0002UltWin creates the Desk View, an interactive scalable view of the desktop. UltWin creates mini windows on the Desk View to represent desktop applications and Windows 10 apps.
  • DeskScope  v.1.02.0001DeskScope creates the Desk View, an interactive scalable view of the desktop. DeskScope creates mini windows on the Desk View to represent desktop applications and Windows Store apps.
  • Defpix  v.1.0Defpix - Defective (dead) pixels tester is a free program that can help you with checking for defective pixels on your LCD screen.
  • Worship Him  v.3.96Worship Him was designed to make video presentation for worship services fast fun and easy. With Worship Him, preparing for a worship service can take minutes instead of hours. Time saving features include automatic song usage tracking for CCLI copy ...
  • Desktility  v.1.0Desktility 1.0 gives users the power to save/restore the positions of the windows of your applications (such as Stickies)! Gone are the days of your Sticky windows scattering all over the screen after you plug in your second monitor. Major Features: ...
  • Display Changer  v.4.15Display Changer 4.15 gives you a fast and easy way to change your desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently (via command line switches). It also supports multi-monitor configurations. You can have Display Changer ...
  • ProTools Zoom  v.1.1OfficeOne ProTools Zoom allows you to zoom into slides during the slide show while retaining the quality of the slide.
  • Opus Creator  v.9.00Quickly design interactive HTML5 for Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac. Creator’s enhanced HTML5 offers advanced features without scripting or jQuery. Freeform editor with select-and-apply simplicity lets you create websites and more.
  • Desktopmotion  v. Animations and Webpages as Screensaver! With Desktopmotion you can use any Flash Animation or Webpage as your Screensaver. Even a remote location on the internet or your intranet can be used as a source for the Screensaver.
  • ZMover  v.5.5ZMover allows you to set the size, position, and layering of windows. You can modify windows on-the-fly or give ZMover a list of windows to remember. When these windows appear, ZMover will automatically modify them for you.
  • Outlook on the Desktop  v.1.5.2Have you ever wondered why it's such a pain in the butt to use calendaring programs on your computer? It's simple: they don't mimic their real life counterparts very well. People who use calendars to organize their daily lives have them visible in ...
  • Presentation Manager  v.2.01Presentation Manager offers a Powerful and Flexible solution for displaying slide show presentations on large screens using video projectors, typically in the following environments:- Church sermons and song items- Performances such as concerts- ...
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Today's Top Ten Downloads for Multiple Monitor
  • XScope for Mac OS Quickly available via the Mac OS X menu bar, xScope’s
  • 2X VirtualDesktopServer Free yourself - provide vendor independent virtual desktops
  • Desktility Desktility 1.0 gives users the power to save/restore the
  • UTC Display X UTC Display simply displays Universal Time in a small window
  • Looking Glass for Mac OS A Preference Pane that allows you to set your desktop
  • Simple Worship Simple Worship is intended for displaying lyrics on a screen
  • Defpix Defpix - Defective (dead) pixels tester is a free program
  • ScreenConnect ScreenConnect is a self-hosted remote support application,
  • PowerViewer PowerViewer enhances Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer and
  • XLitePro XLitePro 1.3 is created as a handy and effective X Windows
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